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September, 2014

Inauguration of the 9th International Traveling Film Festival on Water


The 9th International Traveling Film Festival on Water 2014 was inaugurated by the well acclaimed and multi award winning Film Director and Actor Shree T.S. Nagabharana along with other film directors and dignitaries with a humble floating of the lamp ceremony.

200 films from 48 countries


Film director and committee chairman T S Nagabharna said during the press conference that the committee had received 200 films from 48 countries, of which 90 films from 38 countries would be screened at the festival.

Synopsis for the Films of 2014 Festival

<p>1.<a name=”seagives” id=”seagives”></a></p> <p>Director: Kishe Caelan Wallace<br /> Country: USA<br /> Duration: 18 min<br /> </p> <p>Synopsis:<br /> Sea Gives, Sea Takes is based on an old, Irish fisherman’s proverb of &quot;what goes around comes back around.&quot;<br /> Keelin McNeely (starring Kishe Caelen Wallace) loses her husband when he goes […]